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POLAR tools comply with European directives and are covered by a life-time guarantee, which means that POLAR guarantees material and manufacturing defects throughout the normal life of the tool. If, in all expectation, an error in the tool should appear, POLAR replaces the product. The warranty on the POLAR tool does not cover wear parts such as extra blades, bits etc.

Technical products and machines are covered by a one year guarantee, from date of purchase by the enduser. Defective parts are repaired or replaced free of charge, during the period of validity, exception made for wearing parts which are not covered. Calibration certificates supplied with the product, is considered valid for a 12 month period, from date of purchase by the enduser.

In the case that a product under guarantee is no longer available and no corresponding product is obtainable, POLAR tools undertakes to provide a technically equivalent product or to issue a credit note.

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